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Children (Birth to Pre-K) become ready for kindergarten mastering commonly recognized school readiness skills.

  • 80% of children enrolled in BCCDC demonstrate age appropriate skills and behaviors for kindergarten enrollment as determined by research-based assessment tools (Birth to Pre-K), including language and literacy, social-emotional development, and cognitive development.
  • 75% of children participate in reading activities (2 per day) with reading tracked at home or within a structured program setting (Birth to Pre-K).

School-age children (K-3rd grade) learn and master the language and literacy skills that enable them to become proficient readers.

  • 75% of children participate in reading activities (2 per day) with reading tracked at home or within a structured program setting (K-3rd grade).

Families become engaged in their child’s learning and become equipped to utilize available community supports that bolster the child’s success.

  • 94% of parents regularly engage with their child’s daycare teachers, seeking and/or providing information about their child’s progress.
  • 76% of parents and children participate in family reading time activities (4/week) in the home setting.

Healthy Families Steuben

Healthy Families promotes optimal health practices as demonstrated by the following results.

  • 100% of children were connected to a medical provider.
  • 100% of primary parents were connected to a medical provider.
  • 97% of children were up to date with recommended immunizations at 1 year of age.
  • 100% were assessed for the risk of lead exposure.
  • 67% of families entered the program prenatally. It has been demonstrated that there is a 48% reduction in low birth weight deliveries among women enrolled in Healthy Families before the 31st week of pregnancy. Additionally, there is a cost savings, for each $1,000 spent by Healthy Families to serve a family during pregnancy, 100% of the cost is completely recovered before the child’s birth due to the reduction in low weight births (low birth weights often bring serious health complications).

Healthy Families supports positive parent-child bonding and relationships.

  • 69% of families had fathers engaged in home visits.
  • At age 2, mothers participating in Healthy Families home visits were more likely to endorse appropriate limit setting strategies with their child.
  • At age 3, mothers participating in Healthy Families home visits were more likely to use parenting strategies that stimulated the child’s cognitive skills while demonstrating increased sensitivity to the child’s needs and cues.
  • At age 7, mothers participating in Healthy Families home visits were more likely to use non-violent discipline.

Healthy Families helps to enhance family self-sufficiency.

  • 81% of families were employed, or enrolled in an educational or job training program by the time their child was one year of age.

Healthy Families promotes success in school.

  • 50% of Healthy Families children are less likely to repeat first grade.
  • 70% are more likely to score above grade level in first grade on three specific behaviors that promote learning.

Supportive Home And Parent Enrichment – SHAPE 

Across the three county region where service provision takes place, Allegany, Steuben, and Yates, SHAPE has helped to improve parenting skills in approximately 90% of the at-risk families served, 10 percentage points above our goal. Improved parenting skills lead to reduced risk factors and positive changes that lead to optimal child and family health, development, and safety. Some of the positive changes that parents have demonstrated include the following:

  • Appropriate use of discipline when parenting
  • Providing for basic needs such as good nutrition and health care

Therapeutic Foster Care 

78% of the youth served successfully achieved permanency goals either through reunification with family or alternatives including adoption. Success means demonstration of positive parent-child bonding taking place, increases in the child’s self-esteem, increases in positive behavioral skills and confidence, and demonstration of children and families connecting with the necessary services to ensure future success.

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