2018 Stewards ($1 to $99)


American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
Andy’s Sub Shop
Arkport Central School Maintenance Dept
Cohocton Assembly of God
Corning Area Retired Teachers Association
Corning Catering Inc.
CPP High School Extra Class Acct.
Delta Kappa Gamma Mu Chapter
John J. Senka Agency
Lifetime Financial Group, LLC
Loon Lake Association
Main Street Emporium
Southern Tier Provisions, Inc.
Student Association of Corning Community College Travelers
Women in the Word


Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Agosta
Ms. Michaeline Ahrens-Schultz
Ms. Gillian Aluin Kemp
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Aini
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ambrosone
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Kathryn Anderson
Ms. Victoria Anderson
Fr. John Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Angel
Ms. Jane M. Aniskevich, LCSW-R
Ms Christine Atkins
Ms. Patricia Atkinson
Dr. and Mrs. David K. Austin
Mr. Robert Avvampato
Ms. Diana Ayers
Ms. Harmony Ayers-Friedlander
Ms. Joyce Bacon
Ms. Betty Baer
Mr. and Mrs. James Bacalles
Ms. Lori A. Baccile
Ms. Mary Bagley
Mrs. Ann Bailey
Mrs. Barbara Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Barnard
Mr. Harold Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baroody
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Behan
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Beiswenger
Ms. Roxanne Bellardini
Ms. Susan Berry
Ms. Kelly Bianchi
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bigelow
Mr. and Mrs. David Billings
Ms. Joan Blank
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Biondolillo
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bohrer
Ms. Priscilla Bolt
Ms. Kimberly Bovee
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Box
Ms. Sarah Boyle
Ms. Patricia J. Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. William Briggs
Ms. Erica Brown
Mr. Patrick Brown
Ms. Sondra Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John Brown
Ms. Thelma Buckle
Mr. John Buckley
Ms. Charlotte Burdick
Ms. Tina Burley
Mr. Robert Button
Ms. Dianne Canner
Ms. Carol Cannon
Mrs. Judy Cardamone
Ms. Betsy B. Carisetti
Ms. Joy Carlson
Ms. Ashley Carney
Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. William Carretto
Mr. Leonard R. Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Case
Ms. Janet Chaffee
Ms. Donna Chiaramonte
Ms. Marykay Cipolla
Dr. Robert Cole
Mr. Timothy Cole
Mr. Ronald J. Coleman
Mr. Mark and Rev. Eleanor Collinsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Connelly
Mr. Timothy Cole
Mrs. Deanna Cook
Ms. Danielle Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cook
Mr. Timothy J. Cooper
Mr. Charles Cornell
Mr. Robert Corrao
Mr. John Costa
Ms. Claretha Coumbe
Ms. Linda Cox
Mr. and Mrs. James Cox
Ms. Patricia Crippen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cronin
Mr. Donald Crosby
Ms. Mary Lee Crosby
Ms. Loretta Crossett
Ms. Cheryl Crozier
Ms. Katherine Cuddeback
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curran
Mr. And Mrs. Richard Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Danforth
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Dates
Ms. Patricia Dates
Ms. Racheal Dates
Mr. Christopher Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis
Mr. and Mrs. James Davis
Ms. Susan Dawkins
Ms. Melissa Day
Deacon and Mrs. Ray Defendorf
Ms. Lisa Della Posta
Ms. Tamera A. Demick
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Diehl
Mr. and Mrs. John Diggory
Ms. Marjorie DiMeo
Ms. Maria Desimone
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Donnelly
Ms. Heather Drake
Ms. Julie Drew
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunham
Ms. Karen Dyring
Dr. Nancy C. Ebling
Mr. Andy Eklund
Ms. Amaris Elliott-Engel
Ms. Lois Elsenheimer
Ms. Courtnie Elscott
Ms. Mary Emerson
Mr. and Mr. Scott Eschbach
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ferratella
Mr. Paul Ferratella
Ms. Ida Ferree
Mr. Tom Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Finch
Ms. Freida Fiordo
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fiske
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Flaitz
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flynn
Mr. Jack Florio
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Forman
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Frascella
Ms. Elizabeth P. Freese
Mr. Harold French
Mrs. Geraldine Fuller
Ms. Maureen Galatio
Mrs. Lisa and Mr. Daniel Galatio
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Galvan
Mrs. Wendy L. Galvan
Mr. Jesse Galvan
Ms. Kimberly Galpin
Ms. Jean Gates
Ms. and Mr. Perri Geiser
Ms. Anne Gemmell
Ms. Delores Gerhart
Ms. Betty Gerych
Ms. Christina Gilliland
Mr. and Mrs. James Gleason
Mr. Douglas Gordmer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gouveia
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Graham
Ms. Janet Grant
Ms. Katie Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greven
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Griffin
Rev. Katherine Griffis
Mr. Donald Grodis
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gronski
Ms. Susan Gruber
Mrs. Bonnie Gustin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Haff
Ms. Abigail Harkin
Mrs. Tracy Harvey
Ms. Heather Harwood
Ms. Donna Hastings
Ms. Mary Hawes
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hazlett
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Heineman
Ms. Marcia Heintz
Ms. Sharon Hellem
Mr. James and Mr. Kevyn Hennessey
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Herington
Mr. and Mrs. Lisa Hermann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hillman
Ms. Kathleen Hoeffner
Ms. Eva Hoffman
Dr. and Mrs. Ken A. Hogrefe
Mr. Lawrence Hojnoski
Ms. Melissa Hope
Ms. Gail Hostuttler
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk House
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas House
Mr. Keith Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Huckabone
Ms. Peg Hudacsek
Mr. George Hughner
Mr. Jeffery Hughner
Ms. Shirley Hunt
Ms. Marissa Hursh
Mrs. Shirley Jackett
Ms. Beth Ann Jacobs
Mrs. and Mr. Anita Jacobs
Fr. James Jaeger
Ms. Jane Jamison
Mr. John Jay
Ms. Sue Jimerson
Ms. Kathy Jo Jirinec
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Johnson
Mrs. Adrienne Johnson
Ms. Diane Johnston
Ms. Janet Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones
Mr. Daniel Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Karr
Ms. Jane Kaszczynec
Mr. and Mrs. George Keefe
Mr. James Keena and Ms. Cindy Tallo
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly
Mrs. Carol Kemp
Ms. Theresa Kimmel
Ms. Nancy Kobbe
Mr. Donald Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kostolansky
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krebs
Mr. Donnie Kreighbaum
Mrs. Ellen Kreopolides
Ms. Amanda Kula
Mrs. Donna Kull
Ms. Carol Kull
Mr. Timothy LaChiusa
Ms. Christine Lafler
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lally
Mr. Francis Lalomia
Mr. Bradley Landon
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Larrabee
Mr. and Mrs. John Larson
Mr. David Lathers
Mr. and Mrs. David Latour
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Latourette
Ms. Anna Leach
Ms. Mireya Lee
Ms. Deborah Lese
Ms. Catherine Lesher
Mr. Fred Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Linsler
Ms. A. Sue Lione
Mr. Richard Little
Ms. Michelle M. Logan
Mr. William Ludden
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lukacko
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lyke
Ms. Helen Lyke
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lyle
Ms. Margaret Lynch
Ms. Kristen Machczynski
Mr. and Mrs. James Mack
Ms. Noreen Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mahnke
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marcellin
Mr. and Mrs. David Markel
Ms. Mary Lou Markham
Mr. Richard Marshall
Mrs. Lois Mazzarese
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCollum
Ms. Rosemarie McCollumn
Mr. Charles McCollumn, Sr.
Ms. Meredith McCollumn
Mr. and Mrs. Rodrick McConnell
Mr. Joseph McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCormick, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John McCullough
Mr. Darrell McDaniel
Ms. Joyce McEvoy
Ms. Kathleen McGregor
Mr. Joseph McHale
Ms. Mary. M. McInerney
Mr. John and Mrs. Diana McIntosh
Ms. Julie McLaughlin
Mr. Stephen McManus
Mr. Vincent McNally
Ms. Kim Mehlenbacher
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller
Mr. and Mrs. David Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James Miller
Ms. Maryann Mineo
Mrs. Sabrina Mineo-O’Connell
Ms. Christine Minichello
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael MorettiƗ
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mormino
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Morris
Ms. Eunice Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Mulhollen
Ms. Cheryl Muller
Mr. Robert Narde
Mr. and Mrs. James Nelson
Ms. Sheri Neu
Mr. and Mrs. L. Ronald Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nilsen
Mr. Ernest Nitsche
Ms. Judith Nixon
Mr. Nathan Northrup
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Patricia Oakes
Mrs. Mary O’Brien
Ms. Christine O’Connor
Ms. RoseAnn O’Connor
Mr. Alexander Ognenovski
Mrs. Kathleen Olson
Ms. Bernadette Ong
Ms. Cheryl Opelt
Ms. Diane Opelt
Ms. Ann Oravec
Ms. Betty Orcutt
Ms. Faith Orth
Mr. Alan Owens
Ms. Mary Paddock
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Palmer
Ms. Joanne Palmesano
Mr. Tim Parke
Ms. Sandra J. Parsons
Mrs. Ann Peisher
Mr. Robert Peisher
Mr. David Perry
Mr. Richard S. Perry
Ms. Bonnie Peters
Ms. Mary Petrelli
Mr. John Pieklo
Mr. Michael Platt
Mrs. Karen Poole
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pope
Ms. Mary Potter
Mrs. Valerie Potter
Ms. Lori Pratt
Mr. Seth Preston
Ms. Darlene Prutsman
Mr. Mark Prunowski
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Puccio
Mrs. Mary Purtell
Mr. Timothy Quinlan
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Quinn
Mr. Dave Radin
Ms. Katherine Rahmlow
Mrs. Gina Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reigelsperger
Ms. Elizabeth Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Reilly
Mr. Paul G. Reiter
Ms. Carol Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Les L. Rosenbloom
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Roush
Mr. John Roy
Ms. Beverly Q. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ryan
Ms. Joyce Ryan
Mr. Matthew Ryan
Mrs. Elizabeth Ryder
Ms. Lisa Sanford
Ms. Marcia Santelli
Ms. Amy Sarno
Ms. Sueanne Savino
Ms. Deborah Scharf
Mr. Robert H Scharf
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schimizzi
Mr. David Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Schoeffler
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schrader
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Secondo
Mr. Jerry Secondo
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shama
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sherer
Mr. Eric Shults
Ms. Elizabeth Simmons
Ms. Sharon Simons
Mr. William Sirianni
Ms. Holly Sisco
Mr. Larry Slater
Ms. Charisse Smith
Ms. Courtney Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Smith, DMD
Ms. Gabriella Smith
Ms. Joann Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Joyce Smith
Ms. Nora Smith
Mrs. Paula Smith
Ms. Ruth Ann Smith
Ms. Vicki Smith
Ms. Mary Jo Smyth
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snowberger
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Payson Snyder
Mr. Stephen M. Sorensen
Mr. Richard Spaulding and Ms. Louise McGrath
Ms. Rosalie Spellecy
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spooner
Mrs. and Mr. Deborah Spratt
Mr. Scott Sprague
Ms. Marilyn Steane
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stephens
Ms. Barbara Stephens
Mr. Thomas H. Stockton
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Richard Terry
Ms. Roberta Tesch
Mrs. Linda Tetor
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Thompson
Ms. Kelly Tillotson
Mr. James Tobin
Ms. Carin Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tobin
Ms. Christine Towner
Ms. Maura Troiano
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tucker
Ms. Laurie Turner
Ms. Tracy Turner
Mr. Michael J. Tydings
Ms. Julia Utter
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Vance
Mr. Brett Vanwoert
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Vetter
Ms. Eloise Vincent
Mrs. Julie Vincent
Ms. Bettie von Hagn
Ms. Carol Ann Vonhagn
Dr. and Mrs. John Wahlig
Mrs. Joyce Wahlig
Ms. Andrea Waight
Mr. James Waight
Ms. Alayne Walden
Mr. and Mrs. James Wall
Ms. Stacy Ward
Ms. Mary C. Wardwell
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Warner
Mr. Richard C. Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. David Weaver
Mr. John D. Webb, Sr. Ɨ
Ms. Severina Weeks
Ms. Ada Babson White
Ms. Linda J. Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wilson
Mr. Philip Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Winnett
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Winter
Mrs. Stephanie Witt
Mrs. Alison Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wolfe
Ms. Bonnie Wright
Mr. James Wright
Mr. Jason Yanda
Ms. Patricia Yanda
Ms. Rachel Yanda
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yorio
Ms. Cindy Zydanowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stoddard
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Strong
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swackhammer
Mr. Mark Sweeney
Holly R Tavelli
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Taylor
Ms. Elaine Tears
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Tepesch

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