2018 Patrons ($100 to $249)


Maple City Barbershop Chorus
Chemung Valley Region of AACA
Bath Veterinary Hospital
Bryce & Doyle
D&J Electric
Father Guilfoil Assembly 732
Five Star Painting Services GMI, LLC
Maple City Savings & Loan
CPP Key Club
Community Bank, NA, Bath
Affordable Veterinary Service
Morning Star Lodge #65
Southern Finger Lakes Chapter NYSSFA
Stephens-Gray Bible Class
American Assoc. of University Women
Pro Action of Steuben & Yates
Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Daughters of Erin
Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes
Ladies of Charity
Steuben Trust Co
Kiwanis Club – Bath
Advantage Cleaning Services Inc.
Alfred Almond Chiropractic, LLC
American War Dads Chapter #54
Andolina Dental, P.C.
Bath Elks Lodge #1547
Bath Mini Storage
Bright Ideas by Martinec
Cameron Manufacturing & Design, Inc.
Carpenters Funeral Home, LLC
Corning Credit Union
Corning Elks Lodge # 1071
Critical Care Nursing
Cutler’s, Inc.
David J. Crowe Architecture PLLC
Haverling Teachers Association
Hunt Real Estate ERA
Italian American Women’s Club
John W. Taggart & Son Insurance
Keuka Family Practice Associates
Ray Case Floors, Inc.
Ryan Agency
Sally Marquis Fellowship
St. James Mercy Health
The Cellar
Wheat & Fitzpatrick


Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Ackerman, Jr.
Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Tony Alfar
Mrs. Pauline Ambrosone
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ames
Ms. Nancy Andrews
Ms. Linda Angona
Mr. and Mrs. James Ariglio
Ms. Carla Aslakson-Yarnal
Ms. Patricia Avery
Ms. Bernadette Baldini
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Banko
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Barbaro
Ms. Sandra Beam
Mr. James Benesch
Ms. Debbie Bennett
Rev. J. Brad Benson and Mr. Carl Johengen
Ms. Carol Berry
Mr. and Mrs. William Biggee
Mr. Trey and Mrs. Colleen Birdwell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Blakeslee
Mrs. Armand Bobrick
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Bocko
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Boersen
Mr. and Mrs. William Boland
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boutwell
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Britton
Ms. Clara Brown
Ms. Helen H. Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burns III
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Calabrese
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Capper
Ms. Eileen Carlineo
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cassidy
Mr. Jim Cegan
Mr. David Chapin
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Charles
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Chiusano
Mrs. Kathryn Clancy
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Clark
Mr. and Mrs. William Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cleland
Mr. Walter L. Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. David Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Coluccio
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cortright
Ms. Mary Cotton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Crane
Mr. and Mrs. David Crosby
Ms. Carol Crossed
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Crowe
Ms. Sylvia Cummings
Mrs. Patricia A. Cunningham
Mrs. and Mr. Ronda Cushman
Mr. Ted Dates
Ms. Vera Dauman
Mr. Mark Davidson
Ms. Kathleen DeRico
Ms. Theckla Donegan
Ms. Margaret Donegan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dubel
Ms. Margaret Duffey
Mr. Bill Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eckel
Dr. and Mrs. Eric D. Elder
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Enders
Ms. Robin Evans
Mr. and Mrs. James Everett
Mr. and Mrs. Anis Fadul
Mr. James Farrell
Mr. Frank Fehlner
Ms. Pat Finnerty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fladd
Ms. Barbara Fornalik
Ms. Susan Gage
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Gage
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Gahagan
Ms. Aimee Gallipeau
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gehl
Mr. and Mrs. Dale George
Dr. and Mrs. Gerry D. Getman
Eleanor Giambrone
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ginnane
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Graham
Mrs. Janice Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. James Hawes
Mr. Steven Hensley
Ms. Mary Higgins
Mr. Stanley Hill
Father Michael W. Hopkins
Ms. Diana Hovorka
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hurley
Deacon Thomas Jack and Ms. Filomena Jack
Mr. and Mrs. William Joint, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Jonas
The Hon. and Mrs. David Kahl
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery M. Keegan
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Kimball
Mr. B Gene Kolczynski
Mr. Mark Kotwick
Mrs. Jean Krebs
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Krevey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krotje
Mr. Phillip Kruk
Mr. Gregg F. Lambrix
Mr. Peter Langendorfer
Ms. Joanne Laverde
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lawson
Mr. Joseph Libordi
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Long
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lopata
Ms. Sue Macnaughton and Mr. Richard Lohr
Ms. Bea Magsamen
Mrs. Aileen Mahoney
Mrs. Diane Mandaville
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Martuscello
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Maslyn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mathey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mazzella
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McInerney
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McIntire
Mr. John H. McKinley
Mr. and Mrs. Sean McKinley
Ms. Mary McKinley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McLaughlin
Mrs. Laura Mechalke
Mr. William Meehan and Mrs. Amy Christensen
Mr. George Melita
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Mishrell
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Monahan
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore
Ms. Cora Morehouse
Mrs. and Mr. Stephanie F. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Negri
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nessle
Ms. Isabella Nobilski
Mr. Bruce Nuetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Olmstead
Dr. and Mrs. John Olmstead
Mr. James Opelt
Mr. Gary Ostrander
Mr. Richard I. Packer
Ms. Ashley M. Palomaki
Mrs. Betty Park
Ms. Tammy Pepin
Mr. Lawrence Piper
Ms. Sandra Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quigley
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Quinlan
Ms. Natalina Racalto
Mr. and Mrs. James Rahmlow
Ms. Marcia Ravnikar
Ms. Karen Rebis
Mrs. Dianne Recotta
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rhoades
Ms. Jolie Riekofski
Mr. Charles Rizzo
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rogers
Miss Jennifer Roman
Mrs. Grace Rosettie
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rossettie
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rossettie
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rutan
Ms. Gaudencia C. Saira
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Salbego
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sammons
Mr. Brian Schu
Mr. James Schubmehl, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Seeley
Ms. Antonia B. Shiffman
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Shirley
Ms. Cheryl Slatt
Mr. John Sleggs
Mr. Vincent Smith
Ms. Robin Staver
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Stephens
Ms. Gail Stowe
Mr. and Mrs. John Stranges
Mr. Mackenzie Stutzman
Ms. Bonnie Taggart
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Teribury
Mrs. Carol Tingley
Ms. Carol Topping
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tunney
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tyo
Ms. Catlin Urban
Dr. Dennis Vargas, DDS
Mr. and Ms. Ronald Verkleeren
Mr. Richard Wagar
Mrs. Molly Walton
Mr. James Ward
Ms. Natalie Ann Weyand
Ms. Gretchen White
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wich

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