Stewards ($1 to $99)


Arkport Cycles
Avoca Lodge #673
Bath Peace & Justice Group
Bee Bop Hair Shop
Bel Taglio Int.
Campbell Building Supply
Canisteo Civic Club
Champs Pizzeria
Chauncey Watches
Cohocton Assembly of God
Cohocton Methodist Church, Mission Fund
Corning Area Retired Teachers
Corning Building Company
Cutting Dynamics
Family Court of the State of New York, County of Steuben
Garcia Barbershop
GRC Wireless, Inc.
Hair Care by Tere
Hatfield’s Cash and Carry
Heroes Comic Shop
Hornell Rotary Club
Joel’s Auto Haven
K & A Hair Studio
Knights of Columbus
Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary
Longwell Lumber & Building Co.
Mitchellsville United Methodist Church
Muddy Paws Dog Grooming
Peisher Video Productions
Penny’s Pet Parlor
Pookies Little Britches
Red Hats
Rocky’s Red Carpet
Salon 96
Shear Perfection
Steuben County Retired Teachers Association
STFL LLC DBA Keller Williams Realty
Tip Toes Salon
Triple K Beverage
Uncle Mike’s Kennels
Village Pharmacy
Wilkins Properties, LLC
Women in the Word
Young-at-Hearts Club


Ms. Denise Ackley
Ms. Florence Agosta
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Albertalli
Ms. Beatrice Alexander
Ms. Ellen Alfar
Mr. Richard Alger
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ambrosone
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ames
Mr. Frank Anastasio and Ms. Sarah Kostera
Ms. Victoria Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Andrews
Mr. Scott Andrews
Fr. Peter Anglaaere
Ms. Mary Annis
Mr. Anthony Armelli
Mr. John Arnault
Mr. and Mrs. Pearson Arrison
Ms. Carla Aslakson-Yarna
Ms. Janet Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. David Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Austin
Mr. Robert Avvampato
Ms. Harmony Ayers-Friedlander
Ms. Suzanne Babcock
Ms. Patricia Baier
Mrs. Ann Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Banko
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Barnes
Mrs. Phyllis Barnum
Ms. Deborah Bartlett
Ms. Anne Bartz
Mr. and Mrs. James Bassage
Mr. Griffin Bates
Mr. Michael Bazulka lll
Ms. Sandra Beam
Mr. James Bebout
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beeman
Mr. Andrew Beiler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bell
Mr. Chaz Bellina
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bencivenga
Ms. Teresa Bender
Mr. Dave Bender
Mr. Bob Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bigelow
Mr. and Mrs. William Biggee
Mr. Terrence Bilancio
Ms. Sandra Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bixby
Mr. John Bixby
Ms. Joan Bjorkgren
Mrs. Cassie Bjornberg
Mr. Sean Blaney
Ms. Erin Blaney
Mr. Michael Blatt
Mr. and Mrs. Armand Bobrick
Mr. Kevin Bohn
Mr. and Mrs. William Boland
Ms. Paula Borden
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boutwell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Box
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bracken
Mr. Randy Bennett and Ms. Joel Brazie
Mr. and Mrs. William Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Brightwell
Ms. Debra Brokaw
Mr. Patrick Brown
Mr. John Brown
Mr. and Mrs. James Brown
Ms. Dawn Brucie
Mr. Tony Buckley
Ms. Kathi Bulkley
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bulkley
Ms. Marge Burger
Ms. Dee Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Burkhalter
Ms. Carol Burns
Ms. Toni Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Button
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Button
Mr. Andy Byler
Sr. Susan Cain
Ms. Michelle Calkins
Mr. James Callahan
Mrs. Brenda Card
Ms. Mary Theresa Cardamone
Mrs. Jennifer S. Carleton
Ms. Joy Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter
Ms. Karen Carpenter Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Carrier
Mr. Nick Carrol
Mr. John Cartella
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Case
Mrs. Dawn Marie Castellana
Ms. Anastasia Castilone
Mr. Francis Cawley
Ms. Janet Chaffee
Mr. Jarrad Chandler
Ms. Donna Chiaramonte
Ms. Josephine Ciancaglini
Ms. Mary Kay Cipolla
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Clark
Mr. Jim Clary
Ms. Sue Cleland
Mr. Jon Cleveland
Ms. Renea Clifford
Ms. Trudy Cline
Mr. and Mrs. James Colacecchi
Dr. Robert Cole
Ms. Ann Conklin
Ms. Rachael Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Conrad
Ms. Sandra Conway
Mrs. Mary Rose Cook
Mr. Lee Cook
Ms. Deanna Cook
Ms. Sheila Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cooney
Mr. Kenneth Corey
Mr. Bill Cortright
Ms. Claretha Coumbe
Mr. and Mrs. Don Coyles
Mr. Shah Cracknell
Ms. Tonia Crane
Ms. Patricia Creeley
Ms. Patricia Crippen
Mr. Charlie Crocker
Ms. Jane Cronin
Mr. Donald Crosby
Ms. Mary Lee Crosby
Ms. Cheryl Crozier
Ms. Sylvia Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Cunningham
Mr. Dale Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Curran
Ms. Dolores D’Apice
Ms. Amy Davies
Ms. Patricia Decker
Ms. Jennifer Decker
Deacon and Mrs. Ray Defendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Denning
Ms. Cassie Dennison
Mr. Kenny Derr
Mr. and Mrs. James DeSorbo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dessena
Ms. Meredith Dessoye
Mrs. Anna DeVaul
Ms. Mary Devlin
Mr. Alan DeWolfe
Mr. James Dexter
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Dibble
Ms. Georgia Dibble
Ms. Deanna Dickson
Ms. Georgiana Dickson
Ms. Kelly Dickson
Mr. and Mrs. Ken DiDomineck
Mr. Connor Didomineck
Ms. Holly Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Donohue
Mrs. Mary Margaret Doran
Mr. and Mrs. John Downie
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dubel
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dubendorfer
Ms. Margaret Duff
Ms. Nancy Dugo
Ms. Alma Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunham
Ms. Elaine Dunning
Ms. Rebecca Duymich
Ms. Beverly Eckert
Mr. Andy Eklund
Ms. Sabrina Elliott
Ms. Lois Elsenheimer
Ms. Mary Emerson
Ms. Pauline Emery
Ms. Dorothy Ermy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeanne Eschbach
Ms. Jane Fahl
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Failing
Ms. Betty Fairchild
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Falls
Ms. Susan Farber
Mrs. Mary Farmer
Ms. Sandra Faucett
Ms. Mary Faucett
Mr. Chad Faulkner
Ms. Mary Lou Fawcett
Mr. and Mrs. A James Felli, D.D.S.
Ms. Louise Fernandes
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ferratella
Ms. Elizabeth Ferratella
Ms. Susanna M. Ferris
Mr. and Mrs. David Fiedler
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Finch
Ms. Freida Fiordo
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Fiscus
Ms. Marilyn Fish
Ms. Korrie Fish
Ms. Maureen Fisher
Ms. Carmen Fisher
Ms. Charlene Flanery
Ms. Jennifer Flanery
Mr. Dan Flatt
Ms. Lacine Fleet
Ms. Erin Fleming
Ms. Rebecca Fletcher Roberts
Mr. Wayne Force
Mr. Adrian Force
Ms. Linda Franklin
Ms. Lisa Frantz
Mr. Harold French
Mr. Richard Frey
Ms. Doreen Friebis
Mr. and Mrs. William Friedlander
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Frissora, Jr.
Ms. Lori Fuller
Mrs. Geraldine Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Galatio
Ms. Maureen Galatio
Ms. Nancy Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galvin
Ms. Amy Gardiner
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gause
Mr. William Arnts and
Mrs. Roxanne Gaylord
Ms. Colleen Gelder
Mr. Robert Gelder
Ms. Anne Gemmell
Ms. Delores Gerhart
Mr. Greg Gerhart
Ms. Kathryn Gerwig
Mr. Gerry Getman
Mrs. Kristine Gilbert
Mrs. Christine Gleason
Ms. Nancy Glover
Mr. and Mrs. John Goebel
Mr. Ted Goldwyn
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Gossie
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gouveia
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Delores Graham
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Brandi Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Graham
Ms. Janet Grant
Ms. Mary Green
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greven
Mr. and Mrs. James Griffin
Ms. Katherine Griffis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grillo
Mrs. Angelina Grinnell
Mr. Donald Grodis
Ms. Susan Gruber
Ms. Faye Guild-Nash
Mr. John Gush
Mr. Edward Gustina
Ms. Ingrid Haaijer
Mr. Paul Habelt
Mr. Hans Habelt
Ms. Dawn Habelt
Ms. Heather Habelt
Ms. Jill Hall
Ms. Marcia Hall
Ms. Kathleen Hallinan
Dr. John Halpenny
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hanson
Mrs. Sharon Harkenrider
Ms. Susan Harrick
Ms. Judy Harris
Mr. Fred Harris
Mrs. Janice Harvey
Mrs. Bianca Harwood
Ms. Heather Harwood
Ms. Regina Harzinski
Ms. Donna Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Havens
Mrs. Anne Hunt
Ms. Bonnie Hunt
Mr. Wesley Hunter
Ms. Marissa Hursh
Ms. Joy Huth
Ms. Josephine Hyde
Mr. Marshall Hyde
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Illig
Mr. Bruce Ingersoll
Mr. and Mrs. David Iocco
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson
Ms. Susan Jackson
Ms. Beth Ann Jacobs
Fr. James Jaeger
Mr. George Jamison
Ms. Susan F. Jamison
Mr. Edwin Jaqua
Ms. Diane Jarbeck
Ms. Dawn Jaros
Mr. Tommy Jessup
Ms. Sue Jimerson
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Johnson
Ms. Carol Johnson
Ms. Jennifer Johnson
Ms. Jones
Mr. Dick Jones
Ms. Vicki Jones
Mr. Enos Kauffman
Mr. and Mrs. John Keddy
Mr. Bryson Keefer
Ms. Betty Keegan
Mrs. Carol Kemp
Mrs. Doris Kent
Ms. Ellie Kent
Mr. Todd Kesel
Ms. Sally Ketchum
Ms. Theresa Kimmel
Ms. Lisa King
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kinney
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Klotz
Ms. Lois Knapp
Ms. Margaret Knopf
Mrs. and Mr. Doris Knowles
Ms. Jacqueline Kocher
Ms. Julie Koehler-Vanfleet
Mrs. Kimberly Konopka Snape
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Krause
Mr. Donald Kreighbaum
Ms. Deanna Kress
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Krevey
Ms. Jean Kubiak
Mr. and Mrs. David Kubissa
Mr. John Kuhn
Mrs. Donna Kull
Ms. Carol Kull
Mr. Timothy LaChiusa
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lally
Mr. Charles Lamacchia
Ms. Judy Lamb
Mr. Matthew Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lando
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Landolf
Ms. Mary Langendorfer
Ms. Kimberly Larsen-Thistle
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Latham
Mr. David Lathers
Ms. Gertrude Laux
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lauzze
Ms. Joann Laverde
Mr. David Lawrence
Ms. Sheila Leach
Ms. Anna Leach
Miss Merima Lelic
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lemay
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lepkowski
Mr. John Lewis
Ms. Patricia Lewis
Ms. Lena Libordi
Mr. Darryl K. Lincoln
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Linnan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Linsler
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Locker
Ms. Patricia Lodato
Mr. and Mrs. William Loree
Ms. Kathy Love
Mrs. and Mr. Emily Lowery
Ms. Margaret Lowrey
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lukacko
Mrs. Diane G. Lush
Ms. Kathleen Lyke
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lyle
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mahnke Sr.
Ms. Noreen Mahoney
Mrs. Lila Marano
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marcellin
Ms. Kathryn Mardo
Ms. Angela Markel
Ms. Mary Lou Markham
Mrs. and Mr. Louise Martin
Mr. and Mrs. George Martinec
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mason
Mr. Sam Mast
Miss Dianne Mattar
Mr. Ronald Mauro
Ms. Mary Beth Maxa
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mayo
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Shari Mazzella
Mr. Raymond Mazzella
Mr. Chris Mazzella
Mr. John and Mrs. Mildred McAnany
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCandless
Ms. Carolyn McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McCartney
Rev. Gary McCaslin
Mrs. Barbara McCollumn
Mr. Charles McCollumn
Ms. Rosemarie McCollumn
Mr. Robert McCormick
Ms. Colleen McDaniels
Mr. Edward McDonnell
Ms. Doris McDowell
Ms. Nedra McElroy
Ms. Carol McKeever and Mr. Jim Weaver
Ms. Sarah McKinley
Mr. Stephen McManus
Ms. Johna McMillan
Ms. Opal McMindes
Mrs. Sheila Meese
Mr. and Mrs. John Megles
Ms. Carol Melnyk
Mr. and Mrs. David Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller
Ms. Diane Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James Miller
Miss Amy E. Miller
Ms. Maryann Mineo
Ms. Christine Minichello
Dr. Mohammad Mirza
Mrs. Eleata Mitchell
Mr. David Mitchell
Ms. Helen Monroy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore
Ms. Gloria Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moretti
Mrs. Eleanor Morey
Ms. Katy Mormino
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Morris
Ms. Stephanie F. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Morrisey
Ms. Lynne Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mourhess
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mulhollen
Ms. Deb Mulhollen
Ms. Cheryl Muller
Ms. Antoinette Nasca
Mr. Donald Neill
Mr. and Mrs. James Nelson
Ms. Sheri Neu
Ms. Victoria Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. L. Ronald Nielsen
Ms. Joanne Nilsen
Mr. and Mrs. Howie Nisbet
Ms. Deb Noce
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Barry O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O’Connell
Ms. Nicole O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ohl
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Olson
Mr. James Opelt
Ms. Ann Oravec
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Ordway
Ms. Kaitlyn ORourke
Mr. Jeff Packard
Ms. Ann Paige
Mr. Robert Paisley and Ms. Sandra Sheerer
Ms. Joanne Palmesano
Mr. Tim Parmelee
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Paschal
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paulin
Mr. and Ms. David Payne
Mr. and Mrs. David Peck
Ms. Mary Peck
Ms. Ann Peisher
Mr. James Peisher
Ms. Ariana Peisher
Ms. Amelia Pellon
Ms. Lisa Pelton
Mrs. Thelma Pelych
Mr. Luther Perkins
Ms. Susan E. Perkins
Ms. Nora Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perry
Ms. Mary Petrelli
Mr. Frank Phillips
Mr. Diane Pierri
Ms. Teresa Pijanowski
Ms. Kate Plaisted
Ms. Ann Plaisted
Mr. D. Michael Platt
Dr. William A. Plummer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Polasik
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Polczynski
Mr. Leo Porcaro
Mrs. Dolores Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Postilli
Mrs. Valerie Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Power
Ms. Jean Pratt
Mrs. Michelle Proctor
Mr. Richard Puccio
Ms. Vickie Purcell
Ms. Kathy Putman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quigley
Ms. Katherine Rahmlow
Ms. Karen Rebis
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Recktenwald
Ms. Jeanette Reed
Mrs. Marjorie J. Reidell
Ms. Julia Reilly
Ms. Elizabeth Reilly
Ms. Marcia Reynolds
Ms. Kathryn Rezelman
Ms. Jolie Riekofski
Mr. Larry Roach
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roberts
Ms. Shannon Robertson
Ms. Cathy Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Roman
Ms. Jennifer Roman
Ms. Patricia Roman
Ms. Hildreth M. Rose
Mr. Lincoln N. Rose
Mr. Thomas Roselli
Mr. and Mrs. Les Rosenbloom
Mr. and Mrs. John Rosettie
Mr. and Mrs. James Rossettie
Ms. Patrice Rossettie
Ms. Theresa Rossettie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rossettie
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rossman, II
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Roush
Mr. Patrick Ruocco
Ms. Amy Rusak
Ms. Thelma Rusak
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ryan
Ms. Joyce Ryan
Mr. Thomas Sable
Mr. Stuart Sammis
Mr. James Santilli
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Schiller
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schnurle
Ms. Catherine Schnurle
Mrs. Connie Scudder
Mr. Dale Seeley
Mr. Doug Seeley
Ms. Rebecca Serosky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sexsmith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Sheils
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shinners
Ms. Nancy Shinners
Ms. Elizabeth Shults
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sickels
Ms. Sharon Simons
Mr. Jerry Skrzynski
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Slater
Ms. Mary Smith
Ms. Bonnie Smith
Ms. Jessica Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith
Ms. Ruth Ann Smith
Mrs. Paula Smith
Ms. Penelope L. Smith
Mr. Donald Smith
Mr. David Taylor Smith
Mr. Dennis Smith
Ms. Teresa Smith
Ms. Vicki Smith
Ms. Lindsay Smith
Ms. Jordan C. Snell
Mr. and Mrs. Payson Snyder
Ms. Mary Jo Snyder
Ms. Dorothea Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sonner
Ms. Pamela Southard
Mr. Richard Spaulding and Ms. Louise McGrath
Ms. Rosalie Spellecy
Ms. Janice St. Pierre
Mr. and Mrs. John Stempin
Ms. Barbara Stephens
Ms. Deb Stephens
Ms. Bella Stevens
Ms. Terri Stewart
Mr. Justin Stewart
Mr. James Stewart
Mr. David Stewart
Mr. Basil Stiles
Mr. and Mrs. John Stranges
Mr. Barry Straussberg
Mr. Marc Straussberg
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Strong
Ms. Rita Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Sweeney
Mr. Mark Sweeney
Mr. Michael Sweet
Mr. Gil Sweet
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Taft
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor
Ms. Elaine Tears
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Teifer
Mrs. Samantha Testani
Ms. Pam Thayer
Ms. Shelley A. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Thompson
Mr. Paul Tick
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tilson
Mr. and Mrs. August Titi
Mrs. Karen Tobias
Mr. Carin Tobin
Mr. William Tobin
Ms. Joan Tojek
Ms. Carol Topping
Mrs. Nicole Towner-Dye
Ms. Beverly Townsend
Ms. Maura Troiano
Ms. Jennifer Tropeano
Ms. Rita Trusievitz
Mr. John Tschamtre
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tucker
Ms. Martha Tymeson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tyo
Ms. Julia Utter
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Utz
Ms. Angela Van Allen
Ms. Joanna Vargas
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vetter
Ms. Eloise Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. Milton von Hagn
Ms. Bettie von Hagn
Dr. Peter Voorheis
Ms. Monta Wagner
Ms. Andrea Waight
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Walters
Ms. Alicia Walters
Mrs. Molly Walton
Mr. Joe Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Warner
Mr. Chauncey Watches
Mr. and Mrs. John Watt
Mr. Christian Webster
Ms. Severina Weeks
Ms. Patricia Weinreich
Mrs. Beverly Welch
Mr. Leon Wellington
Ms. Cindy Wetherbee
Mr. Henry Wheat
Mr. Richard White
Mrs. Rita White
Mr. Larry Whiting
Mr. Rexford Wiggers
Ms. Linda J. Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Al Willems
Mr. and Mrs. William Willey
Mr. Kevin Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilson
Mrs. Mary Wilson
Ms. Denise Winant
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Winter
Ms. Jenny Wittmaack
Mrs. Alison Wolfe
Mr. Charles Wolffer
Ms. Kimberly Wood
Ms. Eileen Wood
Mr. Michael Wright
Mrs. Emily Wright
Mr. Johnny Yarka
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yorio
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yorio
Ms. Evamarie K. Zaleski
Mr. Joseph Zanghi
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Zigas

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