Patrons ($100 to $249)


Affordable Veterinary Service
Alfred University
All Saints Academy
American Legion Auxiliary #846
American Legion Auxiliary, Post 440
American War Dads, Chapter #54
Atlas Brick Oven Pizzeria
Bath Mini Storage
Bath Veterinary Hospital
Beaver Pharmacy
Brown & Powers Funeral Home
Bullseye Shooters Supply
Carpenter Properties
Centenary United Methodist Church
Charles P. Wescott Post 173
Chat-A-Whyle Restaurant
Chemung Valley Region of AACA
Corning Credit Union
Corning Dental Associates
Corning Elks Lodge # 1071
Crystal Cleaners
Cutler’s, Inc.
Fagan’s Inc. Furniture
Farm Credit East
First Baptist Church – Canisteo
First Heritage Federal Credit Union
First Presbyterian Church, Hammondsport
Galbo Living Trust
Gray Manufacturing Industries
Goodrich Auto Works
Grab Bag of Random Treasures
H.P. Smith & Son, Inc. 05-78
Hammondsport Rotary Club
Hornell Association
I.B.E.W. Local 139
Italian American Women’s Club
John Taggart & Son Insurance
Knights of Columbus of Corning/Painted Post/Bath
Loyal Order of Moose Corning
M. G. Chidsey Trucking
Magic Hair Styling
Marconi Lodge of Corning
Marino’s on Loder, Inc.
Market Street Apothecary
Morning Star Lodge #65 F&AM
Mr. Cornacchio’s Class
Our Lady Of Mercy
Pflumm’s Country Store
Phillips Funeral Home
Servu Federal Credit Union
Shaw Agency, Inc.
Steuben County Veterans Memorial Inc.
Steuben County Youth Bureau – Youth in Government
Steuben Trust Company
Sunset Restaurant
The Cellar
The Cellular Connection
United Church of Jasper
USW Local 100
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1470
Walmart – Painted Post
Wheat, Lehman, & Fitzpatrick
Wilkins Recreational Vehicles, Inc.


Ms. Marcia Adams
Ms. Margaret Ahearn
Mr. and Mrs. James Ahearn
Mrs. Pauline Ambrosone
Mr. Larry Anderson
Mr. Robert F. Andrews
Ms. Nancy Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Andrukat
Mr. and Mrs. James Ariglio
Dr. Melissann Ashton-Patton
Ms. Patricia Avery
Mr. and Mrs. James Bacalles
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Baccile
Ms. Bernadette Baldini
Mr. and Mrs. S. Craig Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barillo
Mr. Patrick Barry
Mr. and Mrs. John Bartell
Mrs. Phyllis Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. David Beale
Ms. Barbara Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Behan
Ms. Irma Benedek
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bennett
Rev. J. Brad Benson and Mr. Carl Johengen
Ms. Julie Berman
Mr. Paul Berman
Mr. Andrew Bertch
Ms. Susan Betzjitomir
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burns III
Mr. and Mrs. John Cain
Mr. John Caputo
Mr. John Cardamone
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carr
Mr. Leonard R. Caruso
Mr. James Casolo
Mr. David Chapin
Mr. Robert Childs
Mrs. Kathryn Clancy
Mr. and Mrs. William Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cleland
Mr. Ronald Coleman
Mr. Mark and Rev. Eleanor Collinsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colomaio
Mr. Robert Gilchrist and Mrs. Kristin Gilchrist
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ginnane
Ms. Kathleen Good
Ms. Jeanne Gore
Ms. Wendy Gould
Ms. Candy Graham
Ms. Donna Gridley
Mr. and Mrs. James Griffin
Ms. Rita Griffin Shroyer
Mrs. Eileen Hamelin
Ms. Patricia Hanchett
Deacon and Mrs. James Hankey
Ms. Donna Haraty
Mr. David Hardy
Mr. Alan Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hazlett
Mr. Steven Hensley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hillman
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hillman
Ms. Barbara House
Ms. Diana Hovorka
Ms. Margaret Huerter
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Inglis
Mr. John Jay
Mr. William Joint
Ms. Elizabeth Jones
Ms. Linda Kase
Ms. Donna Keegan
Mr. Donald Kelly, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Kimball
Mr. Donald Koehler
Mr. B. Gene Kolczynski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Krol
Mr. Phillip Kruk
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lanahan
Mr. and Mrs. David Latour
Ms. Mireya Lee
Ms. Patricia Leisenring
Mrs. Carol Lind
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Long
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lynch
Ms. Bea Magsamen
Mrs. Aileen Mahoney
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Laura Mann
Mr. Patrick Markham
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Martuscello
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mathey
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Maurer
Mr. and Ms. Thomas McConnell
Mr. John T. McCormick
Mr. Terry McDonnell
Mr. Donald McIntire
Mr. John and Mrs. Diana McIntosh
Mr. John H. McKinley
Ms. Mary McKinley
Mr. Shaun and Mrs. Theresa McKinley
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McLaughlin
Ms. Laura Mechalke
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Orva Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller
Ms. Teresa Mills
Ms. Sabrina Mineo-O’Connell
Mr. William Mombert
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Monahan
Ms. Cora Morehouse
Ms. Elizabeth Morrissey
Ms. Eleanor Nasser
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Negri
Mr. Thomas Newell
Mr. James Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Al Nieber
Mr. Ernest Nitsche
Ms. Mary Nobilski-Plaskov
Mrs. Ann Nordman
Ms. Bonnie Norton
Mr. Bruce Nuetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Brien
Ms. RoseAnn O’Connor
Ms. Martha Opelt
Mr. Gary Ostrander
Ms. Mary Paddock
Mr. Philip Palmesano
Ms. Ashley M. Palomaki
Mr. and Mrs. John Peisher
Dr. and Mrs. William Peterson
Ms. Margaret Petro
Ms. Patricia Pinkston
Mr. Paul Piperato
Ms. Sandra Powers
Ms. Mary Jane Price
Mr. James Rahmlow
Mrs. Dianne Recotta
Ms. Mary Joan
Ms. Patricia Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Riesbeck
Mr. Robert M. Roote, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Rossettie
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rossettie
Ms. Carol Rossettie
Ms. Amy Rummel
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ruocco
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rutan
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Salbego
Ms. Sharon Salmon
Ms. Donna Saltsman
Mr. Dennis Sammons & Mrs. Rita Biesen
Ms. Lisa Sanford
Ms. Margie Lawlor and Dr. Michael Scalzone
Ms. Deborah Schafer, DDS
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Schattner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schlechter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Secondo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Seeley
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sempolinski
Mrs. Cassie Seymour
Mrs. Carol Sharman
Mr. and Mrs. David Shirley
Ms. Emily Simon
Mrs. and Mr. Colleen Slack
Ms. Cheryl Slatt
Mr. John Sleggs
Mr. Steve Smith
Mrs. Patricia Smith
Mrs. Celia Smith
Ms. Lisa Smith
Ms. Tina Snow
Ms. Doris Snowden
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snyder
Mr. Francis Solo
Mr. and Mrs. David Sonnefeld
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Stratford
Mr. Steve Strong
Mr. and Mrs. James Sturges
Ms. Judith Swarthout
Ms. Bonnie Taggart
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Taylor
Mr. Clyde Teifer
Mrs. and Mr. Rodney Teribury
Mrs. Linda Tetor
Mrs. Carol Tingley
Ms. Mary Lou Tobin
Mrs. Rosalie Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trifoso
Mr. Gene Tunney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tunney
Ms. Terry Underhill
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Vance
Miss Michelle Vandenboom
Ms. Ann Vargeson
Mr. and Mrs. David Velasquez
Ms. and Mr. Erica Verkleeren
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vincent
Mrs. Hildreth Volents
Dr. Alexander Wahlig Ɨ and Mrs. Alexander Wahlig
Ms. Judith Wall
Mr. James Ward
Ms. Erin E. Weathers
Mr. Adam Weaver
Ms. Richelle Weed
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wensel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wich
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wilkins
Miss Alysha Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wortham
Mr. Ronald Yorio

Ɨ Acknowledges the loss of a Donor

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