2017 Stewards ($1 to $99)


All Saints Academy
Bath Central School Student Activity Fund
Bath Plumbing
CDK Global, LLC.
Cohocton Assembly of God
Cohocton Methodist Church, Mission Fund
Corning Area Retired Teachers Association
Dagon Funeral Home
Family Service Society
First United Methodist Church -Canisteo
Hornell Kiwanis Club
Hornell Rotary Club
Knights of Columbus Ladies
Auxiliary – Bath
Ladies Ancient Order of
Hibernians Daughters of Erin
Pro Action of Steuben & Yates
Sandy’s Hair Zoo
Savona Rod and Gun Club
Sisters of Mercy – Canisteo
Sisters of Mercy – Rochester
Sisters of Mercy- NyPPaW
Smokey’s Truckstop
Steuben Trust Co
The Switzerland Inn
United Methodist Church – Canisteo
United Way of Broome County, Inc.
United Way of Greater Rochester
Wallace Wesleyan Church
Young-at-Hearts Club


Mr. and Mrs. James Ahearn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Aini
Ms. Ellen Alfar
Mrs. Pauline Ambrosone
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Ambuski
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ames
Mrs. Melanie Anastasio
Mr. Frank Anastasio and Ms. Sarah Kostera
Ms. Victoria Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Anderson
Ms. Charlotte Andrews
Mr. Anthony Armelli
Mr. and Ms. John Arnault
Mr. and Mrs. Pearson Arrison
Mr. Butch and Mrs. Ann Aurich
Mr. and Mrs. David Austin
Mr. Robert Avvampato
Ms. Emily Ayers
Ms. Harmony Ayers-Friedlander
Ms. Lori A. Baccile
Mrs. Ann Bailey
Mrs. Barbara Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Baker
Mr. William Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Barnard
Ms. Deborah Bartlett
Ms. Anne Bartz
Mr. and Mrs. James Bassage
Mr. and Ms. Rick Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. David Beale
Ms. Maryellen Becken
Ms. Jana Beiswenger
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Beiswenger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bell
Mr. Dave Bender
Mr. Aaron Benham
Mrs. Misty R. Benham
Ms. Debbie Bennett
Ms. Julie Berman
Mr. Richard Bernard
Mr. Ralph Berardi
Ms. Carol Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berto
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bhasker
Ms. Rita Biesen
Mr. David Bleggi
Mr. and Mrs. William Biggee
Mr. Terrence Bilancio
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Binkowski
Ms. Mercedes Blake
Ms. Nicky Blough
Mr. and Mrs. Armand Bobrick
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bocko
Ms. Priscilla Bolt
Ms. Yvonell Bolton
Mr. and Mrs. Les Bowden
Ms. Sue Bozman
The Honorable and Mrs. Peter Bradstreet
Dr. and Mrs. D. Bryan Braman
Mr. Randy Bennett and Ms. Joel Brazie
Mr. Patrick Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brucie
Mr. John Buckley
Mrs. MaryEllen Burdick
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Burkhalter
Mr. Bernie Burns
Ms. Susan Burns
Dr. Bethany Buryta
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Button
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Button
Sister Susan Cain
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Calkins
Ms. Ann Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Canne
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Capper
Mrs. Judy Cardamone
Ms. Betsy B. Carisetti
Ms. Margaret Carleton
Ms. Joy Carlson
Ms. Nancy Caron
Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Carroll
Mr. John Cartella
Ms. Cathy Case
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Case
Ms. Amanda Chafee
Mr. Elliott Chaffee
Mr. Cragg Chaffee
Ms. Donna Chiaramonte
Mr. Robert Childs and
Ms. Janet Page
Ms. Suzanne Christensen
Ms. Marykay Cipolla
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clark
Mr. Richard C. Cleland
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cleveland
Mr. Walter Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. James Colacecchi
Dr. Robert Cole
Ms. Julie Coleman
Mr. Michael Colomaio
Mr. Matthew Colomaio
Mr. and Mrs. John Congdon
Ms. Ann Conklin
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cooney
Mrs. and Mr. Kelly Copp
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cornell
Ms. Claretha Coumbe
Ms. Maggie Cregan
Ms. Patricia Crippen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. David Crosby
Ms. Mary Lee Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Crowe
Ms. Cheryl Crozier
Ms. Sylvia Cummings
Mr. Francis E. Curran ll
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Cutler
Ms. Wendy Daines
Ms. Dolores D’Apice
Mr. and Mrs. James Davis
Ms. Bernadette Davis
Ms. Corinne Davis
Ms. Debbi Deats
Mr. James Deats
Ms. Jennifer Decker
Deacon and Mrs. Ray Defendorf
Ms. Arlene Dennis
Ms. Cassie Dennison
Mr. and Mrs. James DeSorbo
Mrs. Anna DeVaul
Mr. James Dexter
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Dibble
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Diehl
Ms. Marjorie DiMeo
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Donnelly
Mrs. Mary Margaret Doran
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dubendorfer
Ms. Margaret Duff
Ms. Nancy Dugo
Ms. Amy Dvorak
Ms. Jan Ebeling
Ms. Marilynne Eckel
Mr. Andy Eklund
Ms. Amaris Elliott-Engel
Ms. Lois Elsenheimer
Ms. Mary Emerson
Mrs. Pauline S. Emery
Mrs. Betty Engel
Ms. Dorothy Ermy
Ms. Jane Fahl
Ms. Marian Falcone
Ms. Mary Lou Fawcett
Mr. Frank Fehlner
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ferratella
Mr. Joseph Ferratella
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ferris
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Finch
Ms. Freida Fiordo
Ms. Maureen Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fiske
Ms. Robin Fitzmartin
Mr. Gerry Flaitz
Ms. Carolyn Flint
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flynn
Ms. Maureen Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Frascella
Mr. Timothy Frawley
Mr. John Freitas
Mr. Doug Frey
Mr. and Mrs. William Friedlander
Mrs. Geraldine Fuller
Ms. Patricia Fuller Seger
Ms. Maureen Galatio
Mrs. Lisa and Mr. Daniel Galatio
Mr. Tony Galeazzo
Ms. Nancy Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galvin
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gaudino
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Allan Gay
Mrs. Roxanne Gaylord and Mr. William Arnts
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gelder
Ms. Anne Gemmell
Ms. Delores Gerhart
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gerth
Ms. Charlotte Gilio
Mr. and Mrs. James Gleason
Mrs. Christine Gleason
Mr. Kent Goben
Mr. and Mrs. John Goebel
Ms. Nancy Goins
Mr. Ted Goldwyn
Ms. Alene Goodman
Mr. Ernest Goodrich
Ms. Wendy Gould
Mr. John Gould
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Delores Graham
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Brandi Graham
Ms. Jeanne E. Grant
Ms. Janet Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grapevine
Ms. Pat Green
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greven
Ms. Donna Gridley
Ms. Shirley Griffen
Ms. Katherine Griffis
Mrs. Angelina Grinnell
Mr. Donald Grodis
Ms. Faye Guild-Nash
Ms. Marcia Hall
Dr. John Halpenny
Mrs. Eileen Hamelin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanna
Ms. Donna Haraty
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hart
Mr. Ernie Hartman
Ms. Regina Harzinski
Mr. Richard Head
Mr. Darryl Heckle
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Heineman
Ms. Kelsy Herndon
Mr. Dustin Hewit
Mr. and Mrs. David Hill
Ms. Shirley Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hillman
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hillman
Mr. Brent Hockaday
Ms. Kathleen Hoeffner
Mr. Shawn Hogan
Mr. Lawrence Hojnoski
Ms. Joyce Hollister
Fr. Michael W. Hopkins
Ms. Peg Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hopkins
Ms. Gail Hostuttler
Mrs. Meghan E. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hudson
Ms. Carole Humphrey
Mr. Marshall Hyde
Ms. Josephine Hyde
Mrs. Shirley Jackett
Ms. Susan Jackson
Ms. Judy Jaromin
Ms. Dawn Jaros
Mr. and Mrs. James Jenkins
Ms. Charlene Jessup
Ms. Sue Jimerson
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Johnson
Ms. Susan Joy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. David Jones
Mr. Dick Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph
Ms. Kathleen Kane
Ms. Jane Kaszczynec
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery M. Keegan
Ms. Delores Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly
Ms. Carolyn Kelly
Ms. Patty Kelly
Mrs. Carol Kemp
Ms. Sandy Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Killigrew
Ms. Theresa Kimmel
Ms. Jenny Kim
Ms. Monica Kirsch
Mrs. Doris and Mr. Harold Knowles
Ms. Nancy Kobbe
Ms. Teresa Koehler
Ms. Violet Koehler
Ms. Julie Koehler-Vanfleet
Mr. B Gene Kolczynski
Mr. Kevin Konopski
Mr. Mark Kotwick
Mrs. Carol Krackov
Ms. Alexa Krebs
Ms. Lori Krelie
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kulikowski
Mrs. Donna Kull
Ms. Carol Kull
Mr. Timothy LaChiusa
Ms. Linda LaFrance
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lally
Mr. Mark Lalomia
Mr. Stephen Lang
Ms. Mary Langendorfer Ɨ
Ms. Kimberly Larsen-Thistle
The Hon. and Mrs. Joseph Latham
Ms. Robin Lattimer
Ms. Gertrude Laux
Ms. Joann Laverde
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lawson
Ms. Sheila Leach
Ms. Annette Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lepkowski
Mrs. Marissa Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lewis
Mrs. Michelle Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Liebner
Ms. Helen Linsler
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Linsler
Mr. Joseph Liptak
Mr. J. Lobdell
Mr. and Mrs. John Lockwood, Sr.
Ms. Michelle M. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lopata
Mrs. and Mr. Emily Lowery
Mr. William Ludden
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lukacko
Ms. Kathleen Lyke
Mr. Matthew Lyke
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lyle
Ms. Katherine Lyle
Mr. John Lysyczyn
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mahnke
Ms. Noreen Mahoney
Ms. Karen Makowski
Ms. Deb Mammosser
Ms. Brenna Marcellus
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mariconda
Mr. and Mrs. David Markel
Ms. Mary Lou Markham
Mr. Ted Marks
Mr. Elwin Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Martello
Mrs. and Mr. Louise Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Maslyn
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mason
Ms. Lisa M. Matte
Mr. Brian Mattoon
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mauro
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCandless
Ms. Jean M. McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. William McCarthy
Mr. Dean McCarthy
Mr. Charles McCollumn, Sr.
Ms. Rosemarie McCollumn
Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Barbara McCollum
Mr. Darrell McDaniel
Ms. Doris McDowell
Rev. and Mrs. Jeffrey McDowell
Ms. Kathleen McGregor
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McInerney
Mr. and Mrs. John and Diana McIntosh
Ms. Ashley McLaughlin
Mr. Stephen McManus
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McNally
Ms. Mary Jane McNally
Mrs. Sheila Meese
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller
Mrs. Kathaleen Miller
Mr. and Mrs. David Miller
Mrs. Esther Miller
Ms. Diane Miller
Ms. Maryann Mineo
Ms. Sabrina Mineo-O’Connell
Ms. Christine Minichello
Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell
Ms. Betty Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Monahan
Ms. Helen Monroy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moretti
Mrs. Eleanor Morey
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mormino
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morrison
Ms. Karen Morse
Mr. Thomas Moses
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mulhollen
Mr. Chad Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. George Muller
Ms. Cheryl Muller
Mr. Jeff Muller
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Murphy, Jr.
Ms. Carol Narrow
Mr. and Mrs. James Nelson
Ms. Benita Nesbit
Ms. Melissa Nichols Mahany
Mr. James Nicoloff
Mr. and Mrs. L. Ronald Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nilsen
Mr. and Mrs. Howie Nisbet
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O’Dell
Mr. and Mrs. John Olmstead
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Olson
Ms. Martha Opelt
Ms. Ann Oravec
Mrs. Judith Ordway
Ms. Alisha Ost
Mrs. Katharine Owens
Mrs. Erin E. Palmer
Mr. Len Palmer
Ms. Joanne Palmesano
Mr. and Mrs. Aniello Palumbo
Mr. Barry Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Paschal
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paulin
Mr. Arthur Peck and Ms. Janel Barrows
Ms. Ann Peisher
Mrs. Thelma Pelych
Mr. Dick Pensyl
Mr. John Perham
Mr. Luther Perkins
Mr. Richard S. Perry
Ms. Samantha Peters
Ms. Mary Petrelli
Mr. Raymond Pieklo
Mr. Michael Pirozzolo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Polasik
Mrs. Karen Poole
Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Pope Mr. Leo Porcaro
Mrs. Dolores Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Postilli Mrs. Valerie Potter
Ms. Sandra Powers
Mrs. Michelle Proctor
Mr. Richard Puccio
Ms. Stella Pulver
Mrs. Mary Purtell
Ms. Kathy Putman
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Quinlan
Mr. Scott Quist
Ms. Katherine Rahmlow
Mr. Donald Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reigelsperger
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reilly
Mr. Thomas Reilly
Ms. Elizabeth Reilly
Mr. Paul G. Reiter
Ms. Carol Reppert
Mr. Dan Reppert
Ms. Kathryn Rezelman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rittenhouse
Mr. Tony Ritter
Ms. Wanda Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roberts
Ms. Emily Roe
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rogus
Mr. Michael Romano
Ms. Hildreth M. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roselli
Mr. Thomas Roselli
Mr. and Mrs. Les Rosenbloom
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rossettie
Ms. Theresa Rossettie
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rossi
Ms. Julianne Rossi
Mr. Carl Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rossman, II
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Roush
Mr. John Roy
Ms. Theresa Rucker
Mr. and Mrs. James Rusak
Ms. Jane Russell
Ms. Joyce Ryan
Mr. Mark Ryckman
Mr. Russell Ryder
Mrs. Elizabeth Ryder
Mr. Thomas Salmon
Mrs. Lisa and Mr. Joe Schimizzi
Ms. Maia Schlechter
Ms. Katrina Schlick
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Schoeffler
Mr. James Schubmehl, Sr.
Mr. Phill Schumacker
Mrs. Constance Scudder
Ms. Barb Scudder
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Secondo
Mrs. Marion Seeley
Ms. Meredith Shafer
Mr. and Mrs. Hari Sharma
Ms. Joanne Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Sheils
Ms. Constance Shephard
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sherer
Mr. Eric Shults
Ms. Sharon Simons
Ms. Sandra Simonson
Mr. William Sirianni
Mr. Richard Sirianni
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Slovak
Mr. Vincent Smith
Mr. David Taylor Smith
Ms. Courtney Smith
Ms. Nora Smith
Ms. Margaret A. Smith
Ms. Patricia Smith
Mrs. Paula Smith
Ms. Ruth Ann Smith
Ms. Vicki Smith
Ms. Doris Snowden
Mr. and Mrs. Payson Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snyder
Ms. Helen Snyder
Ms. Pamela Southard
Ms. Rosalie Spellecy
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spooner
Ms. Ruth Sprague
Mrs. Stephanie Spry
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Spycher
Ms. Mary Lou Stead
Ms. Barbara Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart
Miss Kristen Stewart
Mr. David Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stramowski
Mr. and Mrs. Becky Stranges
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Strong
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Sweeney
Dr. Gilbert A. Sweet
Mr. Rob Sweet
Ms. Elaine Tears
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Richard Terry
Ms. Shelley A. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Thompson
Mr. Paul Tick
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tobin
Ms. Joan Tojek
Ms. Carol Topping
Ms. Beverly Townsend
Ms. Maura Troiano
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tunison
Mr. Gene Tunney
Ms. Sharon Tyo
Ms. Terry Underhill
Ms. JoAnn Valentino
Ms. Angela Van Allen
Ms. Pamela VanGraafeiland
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Vanpelt
Mr. and Mrs. John VanScoter
Mrs. Tammy VanVleck
Mr. James Varner
Ms. Eloise Vincent
Ms. Bettie von Hagn
Mr. Gordon Vonderlin
Ms. Carol Ann Vonhagn
Dr. Peter Voorheis
Ms. Monta Wagner
Dr. and Mrs. John Wahlig
Ms. Andrea Waight
Mr. Watson Walden
Ms. Kathy Wallace
Ms. Kayla Walruth and Mr. Mike Walruth
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Walters
Ms. Stacy Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Warner
Mr. and Mrs. John Watt
Ms. Jill Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. John Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Weed
Ms. Mary Lee Welch
Mr. Leon Wellington
Mr. and Mrs. David Whedbee
Mrs. LuAnne Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whitcomb
Mr. Bill White
Mr. and Mrs. Rexford Wiggers
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wilber
Ms. Linda J. Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. William Willey
Miss Alysha Williams
Ms. Peg Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Winnett
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Winter
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wolcott
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wood
Mr. Ira Wood
Ms. Caroline Woods
Ms. Joanne Wulforst
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yorio
Ms. Eileen Zdanowski
Mr. Justin Zeh
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Zenteno

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