2017 Patrons ($100 to $249)


Affordable Veterinary Service
American Legion Auxiliary, Post 440
American War Dads Chapter 54
AMVETS Post 245
Andolina Dental
Andy’s Sub Shop
Bath Lodge of Elks
Bath Mini Storage
Bath Police Department
Bath Rotary Interact Club
Bath Veterinary Hospital
Bethel Assembly of God – Bath
Bottles and Corks
Bright Ideas by Martinec
Canisteo American War Dads Chapter 48
Charles P. Wescott Post 173
Chat-A-Whyle Restaurant
Chemung Valley Region of AACA
Community Bank, NA
Corning Credit Union
Corning Dental Associates
Corning Elks Lodge # 1071
Crystal Cleaners
Culligan Water Conditioning of Corning
Cutler’s, Inc.
Father Guilfoil Assembly 732
First Heritage Federal Credit Union
Galbo Living Trust
Giovanni’s Pizzeria
H.P. Smith & Son, Inc. 05-78
Haverling Teachers Association
House of Flowers
Italian American Women’s Club
John J. Senka Agency
Kiwanis Club – Bath
Knights of Columbus – Council 281
Ladies Aux. VFW 1470
Ladies of Charity – Elmira
Maple City Barbershop Chorus
Maple City Savings & Loan
Moose Friends – Hornell
Morning Star Lodge #65 F&AM
Phillips Funeral Home
Pyramid Brokerage Company
QVC, Inc
Sally Marquis Fellowship
Southern Tier Tax Data Service
Stephens-Gray Bible Class
Steuben County Youth Bureau –
Youth in Government
Steuben Trust Company – Hornell
The Cellar
Uncle Mike’s Kennels
United Church of Jasper
United Way of Tompkins County
USW Local 1000


Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Agosta
Ms. Margaret Ahearn
Mr. Ryan Anderson
Ms. Nancy Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. James Ariglio
Mr. and Mrs. David Austin
Ms. Patricia Avery
Mr. and Mrs. James Bacalles
Ms. Joyce Bacon
Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Baity
Ms. Bernadette Baldini
Mr. Jack Balinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Bancroft
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Banko
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Barry
Mr. and Mrs. John Bartell
Ms. Phyllis Bauer
Ms. Barbara Becker
Mr. Ross Bell
Mr. Alan Bennett and Ms. Rosemary Bennett
Rev. J. Brad Benson and Mr. Carl Johengen
Ms. Annie Bickham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bidwell
Mr. Miklos Z. Biro
Mr. Michael Blatt
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Boersen
Mr. and Mrs. William Boland
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boutwell
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bower
Mr. and Mrs. George Brayer
Ms. Clara Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burns III
Mr. and Mrs. John Cain
Mr. Jeremy Camidge
Ms. Rose Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Carrier
Mr. Leonard R. Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cassidy
Ms. Rosemary Clairemont
Mrs. Kathryn Clancy
Mr. Ronald Coleman
Mr. Mark and Rev. Eleanor Collinsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colomaio
Ms. Dawn Comfort
Mr. and Mrs. James Connors
Mrs. and Mr. Bonnie Conroy
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cortright
Ms. Mary Cotton
Mrs. and Mr. Mary Cox
Ms. Catherine Crandall
Ms. Sarah Creath
Mr. Donald Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Danforth
Ms. Vera Dauman
Mr. and Mrs. James Davis
Mr. William Decker
Ms. Kathleen DeRico
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dieringer
Mr. Patrick Diette
Ms. Theckla Donegan
Ms. Margaret Donegan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dubel
Ms. Margaret Duffey
Mr. and Mrs. James Duggan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dunnenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eckel
Mr. Donald Egle
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Elder
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Enders
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Estep
Mr. James Everett
Mr. Anis Fadul
Mr. James Farrell
Mr. Justin Faulkner
Ms. Louise Fernandes
Mr. Christopher Fortier
Ms. Aimee Gallipeau
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gehl
Mrs. Eleanor Giambrone
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ginnane
Mr. and Mrs. James Glenning
Mr. Gregory Golder
Ms. Christine Goreczny
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Gossie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Graham
Mr. David Gray
Ms. Susan Gruber
Mrs. Julie Haggard
Ms. Betsey Hale
Mr. and Mrs. William Hallinan
Deacon and Mrs. James Hankey
Mr. John Haran
Mr. David Hardy
Mrs. Janice Harvey
Ms. Donna Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. James Hawes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haynes
Mr. Steven Hensley
Ms. Mary Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hinman
Ms. Julie A. Holleran
Ms. Barbara House
Ms. Diana Hovorka
Mr. John Iszard
Ms. Kay Ives
Deacon Thomas Jack and Ms. Filomena Jack
Fr. James Jaeger
Mr. and Mrs. George Jamison
Mr. and Mrs. William Joint, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Jonas
Ms. Elizabeth Jones
Mrs. Tammy Jones
Mr. Christopher Karam
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kilbourne
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Klotz
Mr. Donald Koehler
Mrs. Jean Krebs
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Krol
Mr. Phillip Kruk
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Christine Kulikowski
Deacon and Mrs. David LaFortune
Mr. Francis Lalomia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Landolf
Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaShure
Mr. and Mrs. David Latour
Ms. Margie Lawlor and Dr. Michael Scalzone
Mr. Robert Ledgerwood
Ms. Patricia Leisenring
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Long
Mr. Phillip Loucks
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lynch
Ms. Bea Magsamen
Mrs. Aileen Mahoney
Ms. Marcia Manley
Mr. Michael Manzari
Mr. and Mrs. George Martinec
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Martuscello
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marx
Mrs. Lois Mazzarese
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Mazzella
Mr. Rocco Mazzella
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McIntire
Ms. Mary McKinley
Mr. Sean McKinley and Mrs. Theresa McKinley
Mr. John H. McKinley
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McLaughlin
Mrs. Laura Mechalke
Mr. William Meehan and Mrs. Amy Christensen
Mr. George Melita
Mrs. Barbara Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller
Mr. Darryl Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James Miller
Mrs. Rosemary Mishrell
Ms. Cora Morehouse
Mrs. Rachel Mozdy
Mr. Gordon Muck, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Munson
Ms. Eleanor Nasser
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Negri
Mr. Thomas Newell
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nieber
Mr. Ernest Nitsche
Ms. Isabella Nobilski
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Joe O’Brien
Ms. RoseAnn O’Connor
Mr. Robert Ohl
Mr. James Opelt
Mr. Gary Ostrander
Mr. Richard I. Packer
Ms. Mary Paddock
Mr. Philip Palmesano
Ms. Ashley M. Palomaki
Mr. and Mrs. John Passmore
Mr. Eric Paulus
Mr. and Mrs. John Peisher
Mr. David Pels
Ms. Rhonda Peterson
Ms. Margaret Petro
Ms. Joy Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pierri
Mr. and Mrs. James Pizura
Mr. John Potter
Mr. and Mrs. David Quackenbush
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quigley
Ms. Natalina Racalto
Mr. and Mrs. James Rahmlow
Ms. Linda Rascovar
Ms. Karen Rebis
Mr. Daniel Ricketts
Ms. Adele Rieppel-Kies
Miss Jennifer Roman
Mr. and Mrs. John Rosettie
Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Rossettie
Mrs. Andrea Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rutan
Ms. Firouzeh Sarhangi
Ms. Mary Jo Savino
Ms. Deborah Schafer, DDS
Ms. Christy Scafer
Ms. Deborah Scharf
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Schattner
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Schiller
Mr. Brian Schu
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Seeley
Mr. George Sellard and Mrs. Kathleen Shaw-Sellard
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Sementilli
Mrs. Carol Sharman
Mr. Jonathan Shilling
Mr. and Mrs. David Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. John Siel, Sr.
Ms. Emily Simon
Mr. John Sleggs
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Sonnefeld
Ms. Robin Staver
Mr. and Mrs. James Steiner
Mr. Thomas Stockton
Mr. Brian Stoyer
Mr. Steve Strong
Ms. Bonnie Taggart
Mr. Clyde Teifer
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Teribury
Mrs. Carol Tingley
Ms. Mary Lou Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trifoso
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tunney
Ms. Martha Tymeson
Ms. Catlin Urban
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Vance
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald VanScoter
Ms. Laura Vetter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vincent
Mrs. Joyce Wahlig
Mr. and Mrs. David Walker
Mr. James Ward
Mr. Curt Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wensel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wich
Mr. Ron Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilson
Ms. Casey Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Yarnal
Mr. Ronald Yorio

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