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Each and every program and service offered by Catholic Charities of Steuben serves a broad social purpose to provide both the opportunity and the support that people need to improve their quality of life.the support that people need to improve their quality of life. Our work is grounded in our faith and the belief that we are one human family in which everyone’s dignity is sacred. As a family, we rally in support of vulnerable members, speaking out against social injustice and advocating for better opportunities and the right of all humans to their dignity.

In the course of our work, we often encounter a cultural belief that those suffering the unfairness of scant pay and insufficient opportunity are responsible for causing and fixing their own problems. When possessed of this belief, some may overestimate people’s ability to overcome hardship on their own, and decide against helping them. This can lead people caught in a storm of hopelessness to believe that nobody cares, at a time when they most need the opposite.

Catholic Charities of Steuben is here to build communities that care for all people. In communities that care for all people, the right to life-sustaining work is upheld, high value is placed on the interconnectedness of all humans, and cooperation keeps us strong. We share in both triumphs and trials.

Join us in building communities that care!

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  • Speak up on behalf of the most vulnerable among us:  You can do this on your own by speaking up for the idea that hope and help from a caring community are key ingredients for overcoming hardship.

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